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I learned the art of teaching writing from Gabrielle Glancy. Her insights into the creative process — and how to tap into the deep reserves in all of us — are remarkable. The Art of the College Essay will serve as an indispensable guide not only for students writing their college essays, but for anyone who wants to learn to write. Clifford Chase, Author of Winkie and The Tooth Fairy, Visiting Writer Wesleyan University

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Once a topic had been selected, we discuss this subject at length with our students. Why will the chosen story be compelling to admissions board? How does it best highlight a student’s value and the assets he/she will bring to a university? We take all of these angles into consideration before aiding students in organizing their thoughts in outline form. Before a student begins writing, he/she will know how an essay begins, progresses and ends. The pressure of writing the college essay has now been cut in half. Your advisor deserves a cookie.


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Finally, some insight into writing the college essay that offers no pretense. A wonderful read – alive, funny and refreshingly real – The Art of the College Essay shows writers what it means to illuminate through text, to find wisdom in experience and anecdote, and to persuade real readers by being utterly humane. Glancy gets into and under the art of writing the college essay like no one I’ve ever seen. Erick P. Gordon, PhD, Former Director of the New York City Writing Project, Founder of Student Press Initiative, Teachers College, Columbia University