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A synthesis essay starts with a collection of various sources and materials that are used to develop the main concepts in the essay. The best way is to find sources that related to the general theme of the thesis essay. One may check the sources in the library, browse reputable online sources, watch TV programs on the relevant topic and use any other media. Once you obtained all the necessary sources take notes of what others have already said on your topic.
Make sure you use proper references during the note-taking process to avoid having to get back to these sources later for citations. The next step is to summarize the sources and prepare the bulks or chunks of quotes to be subsequently incorporated in the essay. You can also prepare a citation/references page before even writing a synthesis essay.
Once you got the main ideas noted and referenced, rehash them before writing a synthesis essay. At this point of time it is necessary to use one’s skills and abilities to recall the material, to prioritize and assess the ideas and unite them in one essay. For instance, if all your sources agree on the topic, then think about making something bigger than what they offer. If the sources disagree on the main topic of your synthesis essay, think of the common elements that may in fact be used in the essay. Please keep in mind that the points where various sources conflict or converge are the very points where you can capitalize and develop a quality thesis for your synthesis essay.

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There are four basic steps to writing a synthesis essay: examine your topic, outline your essay, write your essay, and finalize your essay.

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