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PART I:WRITING A PARAGRAPH Chapter 1: Paragraph StructureThe Three Parts of a Paragraph The Topic Sentence Position of Topic Sentences The Two Parts of a Topic SentenceSupporting Sentences The Concluding SentenceReview Writing Practice Chapter 2: Unity and CoherenceUnity Coherence Repetition of Key Nouns Key Noun Substitutes Consistent Pronouns Transition Signals Logical Order Review Writing Practice Chapter 3: Supporting Details: Facts, Quotations, and StatisticsFacts versus Opinions Using Outside SourcesPlagiarismCiting SourcesQuotationsDirect QuotationsReporting Verbs and Phrases Punctuating Direct QuotationsIndirect QuotationsWriting PracticeStatisticsWriting Practice Review PART II:WRITING AN ESSAY Chapter 4: From Paragraph to Essay The Three Parts of an Essay The Introductory Paragraph Funnel Introduction Attention-Getting IntroductionThesis StatementBody ParagraphsLogical Division of Ideas Thesis Statements for Logical Division of IdeasThesis Statement PitfallsTransition Signals between ParagraphsThe Concluding ParagraphEssay Outlining ReviewWriting Practice Applying What You Have Learned Chapter 5: Chronological Order: Process Essays Thesis Statements for a Process Essay Transition Signals for Chronological Order Review Writing Practice Applying What You Have Learned Chapter 6: Cause/Effect EssaysOrganization for Cause/Effect Order Block Organization Chain Organization Cause/Effect Signal Words and Phrases Cause Signal WordsEffect Signal WordsReview Writing Practice Applying What You Have Learned Chapter 7: Comparison/Contrast EssaysOrganization of Comparison/Contrast EssaysPoint-by-Point Organization Block Organization Comparison and Contrast Signal Words Comparison Signal WordsContrast Signal WordsReview Writing PracticeApplying What You Have Learned

What are three basic parts of an essay..

The three main parts of any academic essay have long been in use. To use them you will not be inventing the wheel. This is important. Don’t be a student who thinks they’ll gain extra marks by not just writing a brilliant essay but writing one in some strange and unheard structure. Stick to the tried and tested formulas. There are three main parts which form the basis of every academic essay since time began. Here are those three main parts.

Three parts of an essay. See link below for long description

three parts of an essay