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Writing a synthesis essay should really be seriously taken. Synthesis essay writing can range from excellent to poorly written essays. That is why an assessment on whether a synthesis essay sounds justifiable or otherwise should be equipped by readers or teachers. A synthesis essay rubric is just the right one for the job.

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A synthesis essay rubric works as a scoring or assessment guide of a synthesis essay writer based on the whole synthesis essay output. In college writings, a college student’s output is evaluated the same as the published works of any renowned author or publicist. However, the criteria of evaluation between college and high school students may not be totally the same because different levels of academic potentials are expected of them.

English 10 Synthesis Essay Rubric

Synthesis Essay Rubric

Normally, a synthesis essay rubric is handed out by teachers or instructors to writers or students before the synthesis writing assignment. This will serve as a guide for students on how to write their synthesis essay based on their teacher’s expectations. When grades are finally released regarding their synthesis essays, the students will know on what to change or improve in their writings. A synthesis essay rubric also aids the teacher to grade a writer’s output whether it holds the true essence of synthesis essays or not based on the range of criteria he or she has given.