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Scholarships without essays do exist; they are just not usually as simple as their title sounds. With all of the competition for scholarship money, you can bet that you will have to do something and put in at least a little effort to get the scholarship money that you need. If writing essays is not your strong point, than trying for some of these scholarships without essays may be a better choice for you. You never know, you may even have fun competing for some of them.

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Chegg has now become MORE than just a company that rents textbooks. It appears that Chegg has acquired Zinch and now provides all kinds of college-related information, including scholarships. It appears that some of the scholarships funded by Zinch and Chegg are available, still.

Eligibility Requirements: All U.S. high school and college students are eligible.

Money: According to the website, SUPPOSEDLY Zinch gives away $1,000 a week.

SCHOLARSHIP OVERVIEW: Each week, Zinch will post a question at
and give entrants up to 280 characters to answer the question. Zinch will pick one winner with the best answer from among all entrants. Winners of the Zinch $1000 Weekly Scholarship, or individuals who referred such winners to Zinch, are not eligible to receive any matching funds from Zinch under any Zinch matching program.” This is, practically, a scholarship without an essay. Basically, just answer a question.

Please visit the website at

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Scholarships without essays are usually related in their organization or corporation’s goals. The scholars may not be academically talented, but they excel in other fields of discipline. Athletes for example, do not have the same IQ as that of the intellectuals. However, they still receive benefits from academic organizations – particularly the ones giving allowances. What seems to be the challenging part here is that they need to provide requirements as basis for their scholarship.