The following are the SAT essay prompts given for March 2014.

With three whole years of high school under your belt, you have a plethora of sources at your fingertips: find the ones with the greatest amount universal themes that could apply to almost any SAT essay prompt. A few canned examples are listed below:

The following is an SAT practice essay prompt involving a pair of quotations.

This article is designed to help students prepare for their SATs. It outlines some practice questions and answers based on the latest official SAT essay prompts, which were released by the College Board in March 2015, as well as some advice for constructing an argument and planning and writing an essay. If you would like to see the official list of essay prompts, please visit the on the College Board website. Note that each new set of essay prompts replaces the former set. (Note: There appears to be a number of typos on the (as of 2015-04-14). For several of the prompts, the context paragraphs do not match the essay prompts given.)

The following are the SAT essay prompts given for January 2013.

• Optional essay writing assignment based on the SAT essay prompt model (1-pg. PDF)

I wrote that e-Book so that a student warming up for the SAT essay could easily get access to good SAT essay evidence examples that he or she can use to answer a broad variety of SAT essay prompts.

Understand the SAT Essay prompt and generate all your examples in just five minutes with my four-step SAT Essay prompt dissection technique.

When responding to your SAT essay prompt, you need to know that where your evidence comes from doesn’t matter in the slightest. That’s not what you’re being graded on.If we zoom out even farther above these archetypes, we can try to make some broad, sweeping generalizations about all SAT essay prompts.