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- This site describes the writing test and provides sample essay prompts and sample essays illustrating each score level.
- This site provides an overview of the practice exams, an overview of the tutorial itself, strategies for increasing writing skills, sample writing prompts, and sample essays for score levels 2, 4 and 6.

*list of 15 sample essay prompts by grade and answers (prompts restated into questions)

The truth is the whole idea behind the 25-minute essay is wrongheaded. Nowhere except on examinations such as the SAT essay does an individual have to write so quickly on an unfamiliar topic. Indeed, aside from in-class college exams, most college writing assignments involve planning, writing and rigorous revising. Moreover, in-class college exams -- like most papers produced in the workplace -- tend to focus on material the writer knows. Few people receive e-mails from the boss asking for a rapid response to a ludicrously broad question like, "What is your view on the idea that it takes failure to achieve success?" (one of the sample essay prompts).

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Sample Essay Prompts: Below are examples of the type of prompt you are given for the 25-minute SAT Essay.

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