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When you are preparing to write your problem solution essay, you can use problem solution essay examples to help you decide what topic would be best for you to write about. Reading some problem solution essay examples that have been written by other people can help you understand how much detailed information you need to know about a topic in order to write an effective problem solution essay. Well written problem solution essay examples can also give you an idea of whether the topic you would like to write about is too broad or if it needs to be narrowed down a little. In some cases, you may decide that your topic needs to be broader after reading some problem solution essay examples.

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If none of the above suggestions work for you, finding guidelines and specifications on university pages or from your tutor or you still cannot find any specific formatting guidelines for your work, then it’s time to compare your work to others. Read around as much as possible to compare what other research papers do. Remember to stick to problem solution essay examples and preferably read those that are about other, similar topics in your subject area so that, if there are any subject-specific guidelines, you will know about them from reading around. Note down particular things as you go so that you don’t forget anything important.