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Antony Flew is one of the most well-known and respected philosophers alive today. In Philosophical Essays, twelve of Flew's most significant works are gathered together for the first time, creating a unique and valuable collection. The book begins with a new autobiographical sketch of Flew's life and career. In addition to some of the distinguished scholar's most influential and famous articles, Philosophical Essays includes a number of rare works that have not been available to a wide audience until now. This important book will be an essential addition to the library of any philosopher.

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If you're in the area of philosophy, it means getting paid to sit on your butt and think profound thoughts (it doesn't hurt if you wear skinny jeans and have an admirable tight @$) How does one become a Famous Philosopher (TM), complete with Yelp reviews?

You come up with incredibly pretentious philosophical essay titles! And read the Necronomicon at Arkham Asylum, that's how! And maybe smoke some weed and taste the 'shrooms! And don't be afraid to do the Wild Thing with the English language!

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All majors and minors in Philosophy at UNLV are eligible to apply forour annual essay contest. The contest is named for thepragmatist William James, who is known for his eloquent and elegantphilosophical essays. Submissions may be on any philosophicaltopic and from any philosophical approach. Submissions may be aterm paper or a revised term paper no longer than 30 pages (preferablyshorter). We are particular interested in essays that contain asingle sustained philosophical argument.