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Personal essay examples that require students to write about themselves (summary autobiography) are usually used by a learning institution’s admission committee to evaluate a potential student on several areas. First, this personal essay example evaluates the personal character of a student. Secondly, personal autobiography essays evaluate the interests, strengths and objectives of an applicant. Other factors that a personal essay may be seeking to assess are career objectives of an applying student. Overall, the admission committee uses this personal essay example to weigh whether an applicant is compatible with an institution’s requirements and standards.

Personal Essay Examples | Personal Essay

Overall, all personal essay examples gauge the eligibility of college applicants. This may precisely mean that personal essays hold the key to admission to college, and so should be written with the seriousness they deserve. Buy a Custom Personal Essay Examples from .

College Personal Statement Essay Examples

Before joining college or any other institution of higher learning, students may be required to submit an essay. Generally, the kind of essays that students may be required to submit can be divided into two major categories. One of the two categories may require students to write a summarized autobiography. The second category may just require students to write about a chosen topic. Summarily, it is the two categories of essays that are commonly referred to as personal essays. This implies that there any personal essay examples will fall in either of the two categories.