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I took the Henrik Ibsen class with Professor Lunde. Honestly, I can say that this professor is the epitome of kindness, justice, compassion, intelligence, and overall perfection. He is an EXCELLENT professor and I heartily recommend you all take this class! I cannot remember a day I was bored in class; Lunde speaks with passion, fire, and great knowledge. He encourages student participation and he is respectful of every opinion and comment. So participate! He answers all questions and is extremely patient. The plays are wonderful, deep, and meaningful; I loved reading them! Every week you must read one play. He explains them thoroughly so take good notes as these will help you on the essay midterm and final, which are fair. He gives you a study sheet so you are guided when studying for exams. He is a professor looking to help, not harm his students. Professor Lunde kindly encourages students to go to lectures by visiting professors which are related to Scandinavian Studies. I have learned so much in this course and it has changed the way I view life. This class has enriched my education. His grading was very fair and he rewards hard work. Professor Lunde also allows creativity in projects/papers, which is rare I feel. The project was enjoyable and allowed me to think critically and creatively at the same time. My advice to you is to read all plays, take good notes, participate, attend class, go to outside lectures, and prepare well for exams (read notes/make outlines for essays)and you should be fine. Professor Lunde is the BEST and I would take another class with him!

In truth, creating the outline for your essay can be done easily and in a few minutes

One of the first things you will come across when writing your essay is preparing an outline for it. We have a feeling you might have already faced this challenge and encountered certain difficulties with writing outlines for essays. Then it's definitely a good thing you came to this page!

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Basic Outline Form for English Essay

A generally consists of the body that has a topic which is against the purpose of the topic. Such kinds have to be framed with care, concerning about the choice of words and also the way the language has been established, without making it provocative, in any manner. There are also several samples on how to write an outline for research essay which is similar to a normal outline for writing an essay. The thing that a person has to keep in mind while writing an outline for essay is the language. The language has to be maintained brilliantly.