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Most newspapers include an Op-Ed section. If the has one, get familiar with some of the topics it has published opinion articles have covered, along with the style and tone of them. Then, review news articles reporting on local, national, or global current events or high-profile topics. Choose one topic about which to create your own opinion piece. Research the issue and reflect on your opinion about it. Ultimately, decide on one clear message that you want to communicate about the issue and your opinion. Write an essay that is 600 to 800 words long, and a create cartoon that also illustrates the topic and your related opinion. Publish your op-ed piece online or in a printed format, such as a handout or poster. Have two or three classmates analyze your op-ed essay and cartoon, using the analysis questions and worksheets downloaded near the beginning of this lesson. Do the same for their op-ed projects. As a small group, discuss each person's project and analyses.

This is the opening of my latest op-ed essay, , published in Ceylon Today newspaper, 1 Nov 2012.

2012 Op-ed Essay Contest Winners Announced

to learn about the 2012 Committee on Public Philosophy Op-ed Essay Contest, which in 2013 selected nominated pieces that were published in 2012. We received many excellent submissions and a subcommittee selected five winners. Congratulations to our winners. It is encouraging to see so many strong submissions, from philosophers engaging in rich public philosophical work. Watch this site for information coming soon about the opening of nominations for the 2013 op-ed essay contest.

CPP Panels at the Eastern APA in 2013 and at the Central and Pacific APA Meetings in 2014

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Ignatius, David. "Honor the True Bard." Op-ed essay. , March 21, 1999: B7.

Establish the context for your op-ed essay with an attention grabbing first paragraph by using: a) a striking statistic, unusual fact, or vivid example or anecdote, b) a paradoxical statement, c) a quotation, d) a question, e) an analogy.

The op-ed essay is longer than a letter to the editor, so you can devote more space to the introductory paragraph and develop your points in greater detail. It may be less time sensitive, though it still focuses on issues in the news.February 25, 2014

In a new LA Times op-ed essay, Dowell Myers explains how the future of California’s economy and the well-being of its taxpayers rests on cultivating a younger generation that is undersized.