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To the school's credit, no undergraduate applicant will have to write thirty individual essays when applying to NYU. The numerous essays mostly belong to specific departments, like the Tisch School of the Arts or the Silver School of Social work - all told, the Violet Bobcats of NYU have essays for programs in Film, Photography, Music Business, you name it. They even have a new satellite school in Abu Dhabi. While no applicant will have to address them all, each applicant will have to write several essays, regardless of which school within the university he or she chooses.

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You may use almost any method to convey your message (e.g. Words, illustrations). Feel free to be creative. Open-ended essays like this one can be intimidating. You are allowed any method to introduce yourself to your classmates, and youre probably wondering what the best medium for your message is. However, your content is king in this essay. The best first step is to brainstorm the information you want to convey. Reflect upon your unique personal qualities and what is valued most by nyu Application Nyu Personal Expression Nyu Stern Essay 3 Example your friends and family. There are a lot of people who enjoy that. It gives them a chance to be creative so it tends to be a well-received essay. Whats even more unusual, however, is that the school has been giving would-be applicants a sneak peek of some of the best of the video submissionsor at least those that. NYU Stern provides the optional essay as an opportunity for you to explain a low GPA, gmat or toefl. If you are in that situation, avoid excuses. Focus on the facts, and explain why this performance is not indicative of your future performance at NYU Stern.

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