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The dreaded essay – more often than not, this is what keeps students from applying for scholarships. This single part of the application terrifies students more than the SAT or the ACT, and more than keeping grades high throughout high school. Is this one item keeping you from the degree of your dreams? Here is a list of no essay scholarships, so even the laziest students can have a shot at free money for school.

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But what if there was an easier way? There are some scholarship opportunities that don’t require much more than your ability to share some personal information. The no essay scholarship works like a sweepstakes or a lottery ticket.

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It’s a no essay scholarship because we’re not asking you to write us a brand new essay at all! Pretty sweet, huh?

In exchange for your personal information, Cappex offers about $9,500 per month in no essay scholarships that are easy to apply for. For example, the CappexCash Monthly Scholarship gives you a chance at winning $1,000 just for signing up and completing your profile.

Scholarship awards for this NO ESSAY scholarship: Two (2) $2,500 scholarships will be awarded to two (2) students; one from each drawing period.In this article, I’m going to tell you how to find a no essay scholarship, and I’ll lay out the pros and cons of applying for one. I also had a chance to talk with a lucky winner of one of these scholarships, and she’ll give you the inside scoop on what it took for her to win and whether or not she felt like she sold her soul (or at least her info) in the process.Okay, we know that this is NOT exactly a no essay scholarship, but the questions that you answer MAY be appealing to a lot of students. The answers are short essays, BUT the questions may be of interest to students who would not normally like to write an essay. There are NOT many "no essay" scholarships out there, so we decided to add this scholarship to this list. After all, this scholarship is offered TWICE a year AND $1,000 for a scholarship is a very good financial award. In exchange, it offers you a chance to win some cold, hard cash to put toward your ridiculously expensive, yet necessary, college education. There are quite a number of different no essay scholarship opportunities. Let’s talk about specifics now.