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Cumulatively, we refer to the discrete parts of any New York bar exam essay issue as “The Essential Issue Components.” The Issue Components are “Essential” because they should be present in each and every issue discussion on any issue. The Essential Issue Components include the following:

3. There are identifiable hot and cold topics on the New York bar exam essays.

I made a compilation of the New York bar exam essays from July 1995 to present. All these essays have been put into one single Word document with a hyperlinked Table of Contents based on Exam, Question and Topic. This enables quick reference to any question, keyword, or topic spanning the 41 exams (217 Questions, 432 Answers, 336 topics, 1,061 total issues). I have found this essay compilation to be a very useful tool and a good cross-reference for MASTER. I recommend that you read (or listen to the MP3s) the essays and answers for the last 10 exams. The purpose of reading these essays is not to study and memorize (MASTER is for that), but to understand how NY essay questions are posed, and how you should respond. Reading or listening to these essays will teach you how to compose an answer that the bar examiners are looking for. MASTER will give you the content. Because you don't need to study the essays, the MP3s may be the better choice if you commute/etc. This NY Essays Compilation from 1995-2015 with issues should be used with MASTER. For example, if you see an issue in MASTER and want to see how it is handled as a response in an essay. Starting with February 2010, the NY Bar Exam Essays Compilation document also contains the best scoring essay answers provided to me by examinees. I recommended that you review the best examinee answers. They provide insight as to what type of writing and how much knowledge and analysis are required for an above average score that is not at the level of the released sample candidate answers. Sometimes, different topics are raised in these answers, illustrating that an examinee's answer does not have to mirror the released above average answers to receive a high score. This document is updated each time the NY essays are released.

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3. There are identifiable hot and cold topics on the New York bar exam essays.

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