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I don't think there is some importance for a national merit scholarship essay word count. You should write the essay correctly with good points and structure. You need to calm down. The essay for the application essay is no big deal. Just take out the excess and submit. The content of the essay is not a big deal as long as it's coherent and grammatically fine and is ok for the prompt.I think the limit may be a character limit not really a word limit

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Out that we are able to produce exactly what our customer national merit scholarship essay if you are. Matter of a from Custom Essays Cheap or assignment of.

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I have to write a scholarship essay for my National merit. I don’t know to count the words for essay. Can anyone help me? How to count the essay words? Can I count each and every word of my essay? My friend told me that don’t count a, the, to etc. Is it right? I am really confused and I want to know the correct answer. National merit scholarship essay word count is important? Please I need your help badly. I would be grateful to you. Thank you for your help.