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The following thesis maps the evolution of my dramaturgy for the UCSC production of Machinal, written by Sophie Treadwell and directed by Kirsten Brandt, in three sections. It serves to detail my process through evidence, analysis, interpretation and reflection. The first section I refer to as my "monster essay," which places Treadwell's work beneath the microscope, to be viewed through the lens of Jeffrey Jerome Cohen's Seven Theses of Monster Theory. My essay exposes the fears and desires of 1920's America through objective analysis and informed interpretation. This essay served to inform my work as a dramaturg, using Monster Theory as an empirical method of cultural and historical investigation. The second section is a direct reflection of my dramaturgy for the 2014 production of Machinal. It begins with an assessment of how Monster Theory influenced my process, followed by a linear evaluation of my role as a dramaturg. It functions to provide an account of the objective successes of this production's dramaturgy in addition to exposing moments where further dramaturgy could have enriched the depth of the performance. Each of these documents is then supported by the evidence present within the third section, my dramaturgical casebook, which is separate to this file.

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08/21/05English 4A, G1Monster essaySteve Harmon is a sixteen-year-old boy on trial with his neighborhood friend, James King, for felony murder. Myers tells the story of Steve's experience through Steve's own writing...

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