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After the first draft, it is advisable to rewrite the maturity essay, with special emphasis on clear handwriting. Words should be clearly separate and the difference between capital and lower case letters should be clear. The essay must show knowledge of the basics of grammar and punctuation. Excessive use of abbreviations should be avoided. Sentences and clauses must be clearly connected, and they should be logical and show variation. Incorrect reference relationships must be avoided. Word order must be unambiguous and fit the structure of the presented information. The essay must be written in a matter-of-fact style.

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To be awarded a Master's degree, a student must complete the required studies and Master's thesis and write a maturity essay demonstrating language proficiency (English). The diploma for the degree of Master of Science (Architecture) is awarded on request and issued by the Education Dean of the Faculty.

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In the examination your will be given one or more topics related to your Seminar paper or thesis. If you are given several topics, choose one according to your own interests. Because the maturity examination is written in the form of an essay, the topics should be such that they can be dealt with within the compass of a short, essay-type composition. The maturity essay is not a conventional examination paper, and the topics are not supposed to be formulated as examination questions. Instead, they should be fairly well-defined, and such as are likely to predispose the student to use language effectively and accurately. No reference material of any kind may be used. The examination time is four hours. The recommended length of the maturity essay is about one examination sheet of single-spaced handwriting.

Maturity essays are written in Finnish or Swedish when a student has been educated in Finnish or Swedish. When a student has been educated in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, or has been educated in another country, the maturity essay is written in English or in the primary language of education at the University of Tampere.7. The maturity essay is expected to be a coherent, logical, independent entity. The reader must be able to understand it as such, without having read your thesis.