The Dr. Martin Luther King Essay Contest is open to students, ages 12 to 16 in public and private schools throughout Guyana. It closes at 5:00pm on December 15, 2011. Students are encouraged to submit a typewritten, double-spaced essay of 600 to 1,000 words that will be judged on effective organization, relevancy to the theme, originality, and grammar. A monetary reward (for the purchase of books and school supplies) will be given to the First (GYD $40,000), Second (GYD $20,000), and Third (GYD $10,000) Place winners selected. For more information regarding the Essay Contest, please visit .

Procedures and Proposal of the Martin Luther King Essay/Speech Contest [1995-1996], (1 item)

At event, winners of the Martin Luther King Essay Contest, sponsored by the Springfield Public Schools and the Springfield NAACP, will be honored.

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The first Martin Luther King Service was held on Jan. 16, 1992 at Memorial Presbyterian Church in Appleton. In subsequent years, it was held at various Appleton churches before finding a permanent home at the Lawrence University Memorial Chapel.

The Unity in Diversity Award was first presented in 1995, and the Martin Luther King Essay Contest for youth debuted in 1994. In 2005, the award has been renamed the Jane LaChapelle McCarty Unity in Diversity Award, honoring a Toward Community founding member and loving activist who departed from our community too soon.