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But as valuable as loyalty may be for associational recuperation, itis not clear that we can link its justification only to itsrecuperative potential. For even within a generally consequentialistframework loyalty may play a more positive role. The loyal alumnus whodonates $100 million to an already healthy endowment fund iscontributing to institutional advancement rather than stemminginstitutional decline. In such a case the loyalty expresses a desire tofurther institutional interests rather than restore them. The donationis seen as an expression of loyalty because it expresses a commitmentto the institution in the face of (presumably) more narrowly self-servingalternatives available to the donor. An outside philanthropist might,however, choose to donate the same amount, though not out of loyalty tothe institution.

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From reading Antigone, loyalty can come in various forms. One form is Antigone expressing loyalty to the family by giving her beloved brother, Polynices, a proper burial in honor of his death. However, being loyal to the state is important as well. Creon and the citizens of Thebes respect the law, which show loyalty to the state. Belief is played in this complicated concept of loyalty too. It gives the characters a sense of faith and hope within themselves. In this play, loyalty expresses itself through a person’s eyes with respect to the family, state, and mind.