Law School Admission Essay: Personal Statement

Writing your law school admissions essay is the one way that you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates. It is not necessarily a time to brag about the mission trips you have taken or the time that you have working with orphans in India. There are so many students who have volunteered and many admissions officers are very tired of reading those essays.

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Top-notch law schools earn their titles because they provide the best legal education in the country. When you are striving to get into one of these top tier law schools, it is vital that you write the absolutely best law school admission essay that you can. Lawyers need to be able to write and the top-notch law schools will not accept any candidates who cannot write a clear, precise, and thoughtful essay.

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Article: Tips and advice for writing your law school admission essay and personal statement

Therefore, putting it all together, your law school admission essay should not just tell the reader why you think you will be a good lawyer; you have to demonstrate some ACTION. Past accomplishments that set you apart for others and are transferable to a law career are ideal. Don’t just say you want to be a lawyer because you like to argue or that you dreamed of same as a small child. Boring! A law school admission essay should show the reader that you put yourself out there… i.e. tell them about how you worked for a lawyer for one summer and how it difficult it was to get that job, but you got it without any help from family etc. Or perhaps you interviewed the top lawyers in your jurisdiction in a given field that interested you. Show the reader you did something! Moreover, law school essays should demonstrate to the reader you have a good ATTITUDE by giving the reader examples of your hard work, determination and PERSEVERANCE through difficult problems at work or school.