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History essay topics need thorough description of terms used in writing your essay. Popular history essay topics such as Evolution, American history and government need thorough descriptions for your essay to be credible. Always use correct grammar in history essays as you will be required to use Standard English in all cases.

If you are looking for 20 promising subjects for US history essay topics, consider the list below:

Some general subjects related to history in which you can write the argumentative history essay can be, to write the essay as a moral argument, in which you can select the topic such as effect of European colonization of the Americas. Another kind of essay would be philosophical argument, in which the topics like writing historical narrative which is truly objective. Or you can choose argument of historical importance... the topics in this category can be, development in the history of medicine. In argument about an ongoing controversy category, you can write about the topics like civil rights. Select the argumentative history essay topics in which you can write well.

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‘Is there any good side to world wars?’ can definitely be a good essay topic. As you said it has got everything to have a place in the Argumentative history essay topics. If you have good sources on this then don’t go for any other topic simply makes a move with this. Since someone had a debate on this topic there must have strong source for this. People are basically depending internet for any kind of academic works, so you will definitely get points for your paper.