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Listed below are the official GRE Issue Essay topics organized by theme. When preparing for the GRE Issue Essay, think about developing a list or "bank" of examples you might draw on to help illustrate your points and support your thesis. Recognizing the common categories for GRE Issue Essay prompts can help you to identify and develop examples that you might use for multiple prompts.

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Preparing for the GRE Issue Essay
Since there are two essays to be written in GRE, it is very essential to understand the requirements of both the essays.

essays as well.

GRE Issue Essay - The GRE Revised General Test

In this lesson, you got a look at the GRE Issue Essay, including what the prompts look like, how you'll be scored and what to do on test day.

Ultimately, the distinguishing feature of a high scoring GRE issue essay and argument essay is the same: to receive a high score, an essay must demonstrate strong critical thinking skills. One way to demonstrate such skills on the issue essay is through a well-constructed and effectively incorporated counterargument that demonstrates the writer’s awareness of a potential weaknes within or opposition to her own argument and her ability to justify her thesis in light of the acknowledged weakness/opposition. Before a writer can effectively incorporate a counterargument in a way that strengthens rather than weakens an essay, however, it is first necessary to approach the counterargument as something more than a perfunctory paragraph introduced simply to satisfy a requirement.