The Significant Achievement essay. These types of graduate school essays are quite common, and you'll be expected to write about some challenge that you met or unique experience that you've had, and how you changed as a person as a result. In such an essay you need to relate a story that will set you apart from other applicants and tell the admissions committee something significant about yourself. The achievement described in the essay doesn't need to be momentous. You don't have to talk about how you climbed Mount Everest or flew around the world in a balloon; just talk about something that's unique to you and unlikely to have happened to other applicants. Nobody expects you to have a list of amazing accomplishments to your credit; you can do those things after graduation. What the applications committee wants to find is a writer with intelligence and a distinctive voice, who can tell a compelling story about his own life, and who will make a good student at their school. Don't come across as conceited, boastful, or self absorbed. That would seriously hurt your chances of getting in. And be sure that the essay really says something about you.

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Demonstrating your ability to think critically, and articulating specific career goals can be a surprisingly difficult undertaking. Our writers have tackled graduate school admission essays in a broad range of subjects. We have helped students struggle through the important specifics, in order to help them present a three-dimensional self-portrait to admissions staff.

When you're ready to write your , keep in mind that there are certain things you definitely should do as well as common pitfalls to avoid. Graduate school essays tend to be very specific to the school and program. Because of this, you might simply be told to include a in your application package or be given a paragraph-long prompt as well as formatting guidelines. Regardless of whether you are applying to an EdD program, an MPA, or med school, follow these guidelines to create your best grad school application essay. While your graduate school essay should be written in straightforward language, it should also reflect a command of . However, you need to be able to use those words with precision. If you're not sure, look online for examples. If you're still not sure, leave it out. Better to use plain language well than advanced vocabulary incorrectly. Even so, higher vocabulary gives you a chance to add shades of meaning and streamline your phrasing. Can you substitute one word for a phrase? Can you use an advanced vocabulary word instead of an idiomatic expression? Look for opportunities to include a broader variety of word choices in your graduate admissions essay.