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If you have ever written an essay, and most people have, you know how difficult it can be to get started! Those first few sentences can be difficult to construct. In this lesson, let's take a look at some effective ways to write introductory sentences, or the first sentences of an essay.

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Housman was neither the first nor the last to suffer in this way. Charles Badham, one of his scholarly heroes, had done only a little better, gaining a third in Greats and ending up in exile, first as a Birmingham headmaster, later as a professor of classics in Sydney. Well after Housman's time, public schoolboys went up to Oxford after a decade of immersion in Greek and Latin - reading, translating, repetition, composition - to find more of the same in Mods. But Greats plunged them into alien fields - notably, into the convoluted world of Oxford philosophy. Charles Stevens went up to New College in 1922, armed with a scholarship and a thorough grounding in classics at Winchester. He gained a first in Mods, but plunged to a third in Greats; a disaster which blighted the rest of his life. His philosophy tutor was H. W. B. Joseph, notorious for his long silences and for spending an hour dissecting the first sentence of an essay. The Oxford analytical style may well have destroyed Stevens' confidence in his own abilities; the scepticism it brought with it probably undercut the conventional Anglicanism he had learned in home and school. In later life, he turned to a kind of animistic pantheism. Stevens' story cannot be taken as representative; I mention it because it is documented, and to make the point that styles of scholarship are not just patterns in glass bead game. Different styles of work make a difference both to scholarship and to those who practise it; conflicts and discontinuities, as in Stevens' case, can be disastrous.

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or the first sentences of an essay.

The first sentence of an essay must be award-winning. It can be short, medium, or long, but it must orient the reader in terms of tone, content, and language. Use it to start preparing your readers for the "trip" that you have designed for their benefit.