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A wonderful learning tool in academic writing is always a wonderful essay based on personal experiences. Oddly enough, even the most brilliant of writers often struggles with personal experience essays the most. The answer isn’t too clear as to why personal experience essays serve as a challenge to most academic writers, but due to this reoccurring pattern of struggle, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and support examples provided for writers everywhere.

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For most personal experience essays, use  or . If something happened previous to the personal experience, use past perfect.

What you should attempt to do when is start with something little and draw it out into something larger. You don’t need to have the most profound or meaningful experience in mind, all that’s important and all that the reader will care about is the importance and meaning that it has to you, and that’s all you need to express, what it meant to you, what you learned from it, and as long as the answer to these two things are important to who you are then your experience essay should be good.