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Persuasive essays about sports can either be quite enjoyable or terribly daunting depending on your level of knowledge and interest in the subject. If you tend to fall into the second category it can create a severe problem when attempting to select a narrower topic within this category to argue. Despite the fact that you may not know much about sports or have a strong opinion about anything concerning sports you can experience success when writing about this topic. Below I will list some topics for essays that will be easy to compose and present a coherent argument about whether or not you possess a great amount of knowledge about this subject.

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Reading essay after essay can get boring for the admissions officers. This is why adding humor to your essay could be the thing that gives you that extra boost to get into the school. After reading tons of essays about sports and puppies, a joke could be refreshing to their eyes. This makes you stand out as an individual and adds a bit of your personality to the piece. For example, a story about the time you called your teacher mom leading into the sense of family you can find at school. This can turn into a chance to write an essay on the importance of relationship building and that being something you hope to do while at college as well.

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Two of my already published sports books have just been re-issued as e-books by mye-publisher, Untreed Reads. The Tao of Sports, which appeared in 1997, is a collection of prose poems about sports and life; and The Senseless Murder of My Baseball Cards, published in 1999, is a collection of essays about sports and life. You can order copies by clicking here: