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We accept essay submissions between June 1 and September 1. Submissions received during this period will be returned unread (if enclosed) or discarded.

Send your Photo Essay Submissions with the following information and specifications:

The typescript should be double-spaced throughout, including offset quotations and endnotes, in 12 point type. Quotation marks should be single; double for quotes in quotes. Please keep notes, which should appear as endnotes after the main text, to a minimum. Second and subsequent citations of books and essays should appear in short form, in round brackets, in the main text. All essay submissions should include six key words as descriptors of the submitted material.


**All essay submissions must include your institutional postal address in full, and an e-mail address at which you can be contacted.**

Please vote for Megan’s photo in comments. If you haven’t submitted your photo essay for the Dear Thyroid Photo Essay Submission Contest, submit by emailing .

Recognizing that anthropologists are finding ever more creative ways to convey their ideas, invites scholars to submit photographic essays as an alternative to the traditional article format. These essays should consist of 10-15 photos, all taken by the author(s), as well as between 3,000 and 6,000 words of accompanying text (in essay, rather than caption form). It is the author’s responsibility to seek permission for the publication of any image, if permission is required by U.S. law and/or the author’s Institutional Review Board. Together, the images and essay should make a theoretical contribution. Like article submissions, photographic essay submissions must include an abstract of 300 words or fewer and 5–7 keywords that identify the article's main themes, and should adhere to the . Please be advised that we are only able to print photographs in black and white.We welcome contributions from current undergraduate and graduate students, irrespective of academic institution or discipline. Although written essay submissions are limited to 1,000 words, we encourage contributors to express their thoughts using other mediums as well, including, but not limited to, maps, diagrams, photography, poetry, film, drawing, and painting. Every submission, whether textual or visual, should include a 200-word abstract that indicates how the entry addresses the intent of the CFP.Welcome to the CDSS “What We Believe” essay submission page. Your testimonies on the importance of dance, music and song in your life will become the core and foundation of Read on to learn how to participate in three steps:

Option #1: Written narrative essay. Written essay submissions should be between 600 to 1000 words. Essays should be non-fiction, in English, and edited for grammar and punctuation. They may be written in either first-person or third-person point of view on the topic of key challenges and opportunities for human rights online in your country or region, as well as the state of civil society engagement in local internet governance processes.

Option #2: Photo essay. Photo essay submissions should be between five and ten photos with brief captions. Use your creativity, but please keep the focus of the photos related to the subject of human rights online and internet governance in your country or region. Photos will be evaluated based on their subject-matter relevance and artistry. Captions should be non-fiction, in English, and edited for grammar and punctuation. They may be written in either first-person or third-person point of view. Prior to submission, please obtain informed consent of any individuals pictured and identified in the photos, and be sure to note this in the body of your submission email.

Usage permissions: By submitting an entry, applicants grant Freedom House license to use their essays or portions of their essays (with attribution) in the Local IGF Essay Challenge gallery online under Freedom House will make every effort to notify individuals prior to publication. In some cases, essays or portions of the essays (with attribution) may appear in private reports to funders. Freedom House will consult with the original content creator before pursuing any other use.

Note on privacy: Freedom House will consider applicants’ requests to remain anonymous or to withhold publication of their essay for safety reasons on a case-by-case basis. Please inform us of such requests when submitting your essay.

Expectations for IGF travel stipend recipients

Up to three essayists will be selected to receive funding to attend an IGF meeting in their country or region. Freedom House will cover round-trip flight, accommodation during the IGF, conference registration fees, a per diem stipend, and necessary visa costs. Applicants are reminded that funding will be contingent on: