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"By religion I mean Christianity, by Christianity I mean Protestantism, by Protestantism I mean the Church of England as established by law."Many definitions focus too narrowly on only a few aspects of religion; they tend to exclude those religions that do not fit well. As Kile Jones 1 wrote in his essay on defining religion that was once included in our website's visitors' essays section:

Short Essay on Religion in Our Daily Life

A definition essay works to describe a topic so that anyone can understand it. When you are writing this type of essay on a religion, it is a good idea to choose one that is interesting. The goal is to help your reader understand the topic. When you are choosing topics in regards to religion, you may want to choose a religion that is not as well-known so that this is interesting for you. Here are ten fresh ideas that you can write this paper on. You may have never heard of some of these and that makes this assignment a little more interesting.

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Essay on Religion and Peace: The Truth in all Religions

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