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Not all students possess good writing skills. Moreover, English grammar is not easy to study and many students experience problems with using it correctly. Teachers, on the other side, want to see well-written work. Thus, students are left with an uneasy choice: to rely on parents for essay grammar editing and/or proofreading skills or to ask friends for assistance.

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Checking grammar yourself is often ineffective as we will rarely spot the mistakes that we have made in our own writing and we do not always know all of the rules. Using our peers to check our essays may find more mistakes that we will overlook but it is still not a totally reliable method to remove problems from our writing and to improve it. Using the software that comes with our computer is quick and can find many issues with spelling and even some grammatical issues. However these programs are not always going to find every problem and can even make suggestions for changes that are in themselves incorrect. A free essay grammar checker online such as the box above can provide you with a better check than your computer as this online tool will check for far more than your computer can. This essay grammar checker free will check for everything from spelling and grammar problems through to plagiarism and will provide you with a report of everything that will need to be changed and how.

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I’ll explain the recommendation for Grammarly, but there are several online services you can use to check your essays for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. After evaluating each one using a real PhD SOP, I can say they don’t compare to Grammarly’s quality and comprehensive services ().