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Achieving this new format and confirming that paragraph breaks make it to the final phase of your application is not completely intuitive. After pasting an essay into the Common App essay text box and adjusting for resulting formatting issues (of which there are many, as it seems Word and Google Docs formatting is not supported by the common app program), a student must manually insert each paragraph break. These spaces will not be evident within the saved text box, and the final essay will appear much like the example of single-return formatting above. In order to confirm that paragraph line breaks have actually been added in the appropriate places, students need to view a PDF print preview of the essay, which is accessible only as part of the active submission process. What. A. Pain. Still, the tool is available to students, and we suggest they use it. The step-by-step process should go something like this:

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The Essay app is no longer available to iTunes users. As a newcomer to the iPad word processing market, it was hoped that the Essay app could develop into a fully featured word processor that would offer competition to some of the bigger developers. For a fee of just $3.99 the app certainly offered iPad users an inexpensive option word processor option. One of the attractive components of Essay allowed the app's user interface to take advantage of the iPad's wide screen. However, Essay did not yet include the ability to edit Word documents. It limited the user to editing .txt formatted documents. So, while it showed promise, the app certainly had a ways to go to be considered full-featured.