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The contemporary issues were, of course, anxiety over the spread of communism and the consequences of a nuclear disaster and radioactive fallout. As Susan Sontag wrote in her famous essay about science fiction films, "The Imagination of Disaster": "there is a historically specifiable twist which intensifies the anxiety. I mean, the trauma suffered by everyone in the middle of the 20th century when it became clear that, from now on to the end of human history, every person would spend his individual life under the threat not only of individual death, which is certain, but of something almost insupportable psychologically—collective incineration and extinction which could come at any time, virtually without warning."11

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We owe the phrase about “participative and shared knowledge” to DANIEL HERMELÍN BRAVO, professor for science and technology communication at the Eafit University in Medellín, Colombia. He quoted a participant of an Eafit conference and closed with this citation a thoughtful academic essay about science and technology and the Eurocentric heritage of Latin America and his native country.

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In 1998, Roy published a critical essay about science titled (“The Heirs of Prometheus”) in which he discussed the roles of science in the development of cultures and civilizations.