Argumentative Essay About Religion In School

Your essay is about religion, your intention is not to prove or disprove anything. When presenting your data, try your best to do so in a manner that would not misrepresent or offend the followers of that particular belief system. Interview individuals or read their texts and try to interpret the information in the way they wish it to be interpreted, without trying to establish confirmation on the truth behind the ideas.

Yes, this is an essay about religion and spirituality

I have this little pile on my desk at home of Things I Should Have Already Read. In it, for many months, sat a Xerox copy of an essay that a congregant here handed me at the beginning of the church year. It seemed to be copied straight out of a book, with no title or author, and when I asked this congregant where she got it, she couldn’t remember. I googled a paragraph of it and pulled up a newsletter from a guy named Bo Lozoff, who works with something called the Human Kindness Foundation which I believe is a ministry to prisoners and those just released from prison. Anyway, on this sheet of paper, Mr. Lozoff writes this remarkable essay about religion, which I’ll quote at length now:

I'd write an essay about religion in general

Readers respond to a recent essay about religion in literature.

This is an essay about religion, diaspora, place, and history. Its vantage-point is theEast End of London, a place in which long-standing self-conscious reflection on itshistory as a zone of transition has the potential to illuminate many broader theoreticalquestions about diaspora, religion, and religion-in-diaspora. Recent works ondiaspora and on the interrelated fields of religion and diaspora have cautioned against...