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“” is a graphicessay about race, representation and colorism in a comic. Cartoonist Ronald Wimberly created “Lighten Up” forthe online magazine .

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In 1992, Jack Miles wrote a long essay about race in Los Angeles for the Atlantic Monthly magazine, "Blacks vs. Browns." He was one of the first to describe competition for jobs, suggesting Hispanics were gaining the upper hand. "America's older black poor and newer brown poor are on a collision course," he wrote.

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Brent Staples goes into great detail about the trials and difficulties that African American men face on a daily basis throughout his essay. However, he fails to mention any other demographic of minority in this country. For example, he fails to talk about Asian Americans, Latinos, and so on. This is the biggest hole in his argument about racism in America. In his essay about race in this country, he failed to recognize the countless other races that make up this country. If he would have make at least a mention of these other, equally important demographics, his essay would have been a lot more complete.