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The English Department is pleased to recognize excellent writing in English 101 through the Joseph and June Minnaar awards for English 101 essays. Annually, the English Department will make five awards: one for best essay in any genre, first and second place for short essays (3-5 pages), and first and second place for research essays. The winner of the overall award for the best essay from both categories will receive a letter of commendation from his or her instructor and a check for $100. Students who receive first and second place awards will receive letters of commendation from their instructors and checks for $75 and $50 respectively. The winning essays will be published in the .

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Nancy can't help but remember the handful Casey was as a child. "He would always disappear if you didn't watch him every second," she recalled. "Someone always had to be on Casey watch. We didn't realize until all the other kids got into college and wrote English 101 essays on growing up with him, how hard it was at times."

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