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Finally, and Earth Day essay worth reading!. Earth Day, with its charade of Ten Simple Things You Can Do... has become a kind of joke -- a day when we buy cloth bags and then drive around to all the earth events patting ourselves on the back all the way. Now with the clamor of Peak Oil and Global Warming and Resource Wars ringing in our ears, people are waking up to the need for more robust solutions. Thank you, Alex Steffen, for being bold enough to name the hard truths we need to hear, so we can begin remaking our lives in earnest.

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Earth Day is one of the observances held twice a year. The purpose of this event is to inspire awareness of the Earth’s environment and attract public attention to the problems of polluted environment, soil, water.

Earth Day was first held on April 22, 1970. During that observation, people discussed what should be done to make air and water cleaner.

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An essay on earth could focus on the evolution of the planet earth. An earth day essay could talk about its importance for humanity. Your earth essay could talk about how we endanger our planet and the huge variety of life on it through mismanagement of the various natural resources. The earthquake custom essay could also discuss how we can conserve the meager resources we have to benefit the future generations. Earth essay could focus on the diverse flora and fauna, various geographic areas and ecosystems co-existing.