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An important activity that needs to be performed while writing a descriptive essay is to showcase certain features or characteristics without simply narrating them. This enables you to come up with a more effective and absorbing piece of writing that is a description in the true sense of the word. Your piece of writing must have the ability to make the reader experience the same feelings that you were feeling on thinking about when viewing a person or incident. So, instead of using normal, general and direct words to describe something, you should look for slightly distinct and under handed ways of putting your point across. You can go through descriptive essay samples before you actually try to write in this manner.

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Here is a 3-paragraph descriptive essay sample with which you will gain the understanding of writing a descriptive essay.

There are lots of ways to go about writing a descriptive essay. A descriptive essay is usually written with a view to engage the reader more thoroughly so as to provide him/her the same experience as one is getting while observing or going through any event or incident. A few descriptive essay samples can be viewed before you actually sit down to write your essay so that you are completely familiar with how to write one that portrays what you want to showcase in the best possible manner. A descriptive essay sample can act as a guide that enables you to create a piece of writing that stands out and gets you a good grade while also becoming an enjoyable experience for your readers.
A few things that should be kept in mind while creating an essay of this kind are: