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Bring with you, in paper and in electronically saved formats, the following: 1] Revised and corrected defining moment essay, 2] , revised and corrected, 3] Multiple intelligences paper, which we will revise and edit to prepare for inclusion in the webfolios, 4] any extra credit assignments for which you would like to earn credit, 5] your oral presentation supplement.

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Defining Moment Essay The Persons CaseThe Persons Case was a legal battle fought by five determined women from Alberta,known as the Famous Five: Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, EmilyMurphy and Irene Parlby. Even though most Can

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The defining moment essay. At the start of class on Tuesday you will have a draft of the defining moment essay which will include an introduction, a body developed through narration (telling the story of the event, circumstance or situation), and a conclusion reinforcing the thesis.