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DARE: DARE means Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It's yourchoice to start drugs, and I believe that being drug free is important. Drugscan do many negative things to you and your body. I like DARE because itis a program which helps kids learn facts about drugs and media messagetechniques.

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I learned many things in DARE, like the eight ways to sayno. My favorite way to say no is the "Giving an Excuse orReason." For example, if someone asked you "Would you like abeer?" you could say "No thanks. I don't drink beer." We alsolearned about Response Styles. Response Styles are how yourespond to offers of drugs. Some examples are being unsure-when you look nervous, and being confident-when you aresure of yourself. Officer Forney also taught us how to deal withstress. To deal with stress you could play sports, take a walk, orlisten to music.