"Adolescent Literature and Controversial Values Essay Sample"

Writing a controversial essay can be a challenging task for many students because you will need to choose a subject that is 'hot topic'. Writing about any issue, situation, or subject that is controversial will enable the writer to take a position and defend his position while supporting it with the evidence resulting from his or her research. To successfully create this type of a paper the writer will need to balance reasoning, evidence, common sense, and beliefs- not an easy feat for even the most opinionated student. When choosing your controversial essay topic it will also be necessary to consider your audience- because even though your purpose of addressing a particular topic may be to persuade them to see your point of view, the topic you choose can sometimes be perceived as offensive to your audience. So with that in mind, there are certain topics you would do well to stay away from. For instance, you wouldn't want to write about the legalization of abortion if your audience is of the catholic faith, nor would you want to write about a plantation owner's advantages of owning a slave in the 1800's if your audience was comprised largely of African Americans. The key here is to use discretion and common sense when choosing controversial essay topics for your paper. There certainly are many 'hot topics' to write about from just reading the paper or watching a news program- Any topic that has to do with educational, sexual, political, or social beliefs are all controversial and debatable themes to write about.

To get you started in the right direction take a look at some controversial essay topics below:

The on-going trend of the present education system focuses more on the debatable topics so that children gets more aware of their own society and the stakes they are being put to. Thus nowadays in all the board level examination it is must to have one controversial essay topic. Through this not only can the board of education judge the opinion of each and every student but also will be responsible to make a student have an opinion about the controversies.

"Human Cloning Controversial Research Essay"

Here are 50 different controversial essay ideas so you can better understand the topics which work:

Many students have a hard time writing controversial essays because these essays require students to deal with strong, taboo and cynical topics and as a result students may fail to see both side of the topic and therefore, fail to build their arguments and position properly. In this way, they will become personally involved in the topic or issue and as a result fail to incorporate the points from the other side. Many students may be scared of becoming the object of mockery, harassment and criticism if they take a side that goes against the conventional viewpoint. The hardest thing about writing controversial papers is to remain absolutely impartial during writing.