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Attention Juniors: The 2015-2016 college application season has officially begun. The Common Application, otherwise known as the Common App, released its list of essay prompts. While it is true that the Common Application essay prompts are flexible enough for any personal statement or story, it also helps to know just what admissions officers look for when they read them.

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Common App Essay Prompts - .xyz

On the other hand, there are also common essay prompts that you will see during college admissions. Though they are similar to topics stated above, they try to get knowledge of your belief and ability to learn. Some of them common essay prompts are to recount a time or moment of failure and how it affected your learning, to brief about a situation where your belief was challenged and how you decided on what is right, to discuss on accomplishments or achievements which has transformed you as a person, etc., Other most common topic for college admissions is why you want to attend this college. There can be supplementary essays on favorites. It can be about the best book, movie, author, etc., A book or an author that has inspired you is also a common topic. Sometimes there can also be topics to write about an activity that you like the most. All of these are personal and there can be no right or wrong way of attempting them other than being just honest and creative.