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To go beyond the superficial and score some points, you need to share which specific capabilities an MBA provides that will be critical to your future career. The point is that specificity in your response is the secret to turning a cliché answer into one that gives the admissions committee fresh insights into your motivations for pursuing an MBA. Here’s an excerpt from one candidate’s Columbia Business School Essay that scores points:

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We have previously written about the qualities of an , so let’s cover some new ground and focus on the second and third questions that make up Columbia Business School Essay 1.

Columbia Business School Essay Analysis 2014 — MBA Prep School

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Analysis: This Columbia Business School essay has taken a page from NYU Stern´s book, and is now emphasizing the New York City location. After reading hundreds (if not thousands) of MBA applications to Columbia, I can say that 99.99% of applicants have already talked in their first essay about the benefits they will get from studying and living in NYC. I am honestly not sure why CBS Admissions wants to hear more about these topics, as everyone can find something they will benefit from in NYC, whether they study at NYU Stern or Columbia. Making this essay special requires some creativity and also more research about NYC.