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As her writer developed her entry essay, he also broke down the structure and tricks behind such writing – a veritable college admission essays for dummies course. She listened intently – even took notes! The writer also made sure to constantly ask her questions. We could provide all the college admissions essay help in the world, but if we don’t reflect who Sophia is, all of that college application essay writing goes down the drain. In the end, we were able to develop a rich, competent entry essay that directly reflected the strength of Sophia. For Sophia herself, her college entry essays were suddenly far less of a stressful, life-altering experience, because we helped her conquer them. By the way? She got in to UMCP – she even sent us a thank you email when she received the acceptance letter!

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Sophia, like many high school seniors struggling to enter college, was not the most outstanding writer. Should could formulate ideas clearly and use grammar and spelling correctly (most of the time), but she just wasn’t a writer. Her strongest area was actually in mathematics, and she was desperately hoping to apply that in a math-related degree. Essay writing was the last thing on her mind. Like many students before her, Sophia suddenly found herself in dire need of college admissions essay help. She needed to go to college – needed to get her degree – and she wasn’t going to let one annoying essay stand between her and her goals!

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Even if you have already written the work yourself, you can still benefit from our college admissions essay help as we also provide a service to edit and proofread you work, so you can be confident of a high standard of work being handed in. Equally, you might also feel that you could benefit from a little extra help to understand how best to write your essay by using expertly written examples. This is also a service that we provide, and one that can help give you the confidence you need to write well.