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If you search you can get many Biology Extended essay topics. You are trying to do experiment and writing essays on the experiment right? Have you perceived how seeds grow? I am sure you would like to, in case you haven't. For this analysis, you will require certain seeds. You can pick a vessel full of beans of peas and get primed to see them sprout! Let the seeds in water and afterward put them in moist soil. With passing time, you will see them grow and bit by bit develop into shoots. This is one of the very easy and interesting experiments you can do without lifting a finger. I think you can choose this experiment for your essay.

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Extended essays are self-directed pieces of research. A normal paper contains about 4,000 words. Students often have trouble writing these assignments, which should provide practical approach for solving a certain problem. If you are a student of an IB program majoring in biology, you may use an extended essay as an opportunity to engage in a deep study of your topic of interest. There is no silver bullet but several small secrets will help you write a strong IB biology extended essay effortlessly:

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In a biology extended essay, the research question is best stated in the form of a question.

I cannot stress enough to read the guidelines for a biology extended essay. The criteria for topics are very strict; included in the guidelines is the Human Ethics Guidelines and Animal Experimentation Policy. This pretty much weeds out anything involving human disease or animal behavior. The guidelines provided will let you know there is no way you can do any type of experiments to prove any type of theory. It is important to remember you will need to do your experiments to prove your theory. You will not be able to study human disease or animal behavior because of the guidelines. The best thing is to just move on from any of those topics. There are some topics you can get away with in those areas; however, finding one within the guidelines provided will be quite a task. To make it easier on yourself, you should stick to green topics.