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Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays: In-depth Methods and Essay-Writing That Bar Review Courses Do not Supply, With 80 Actual State Bar Exams Questions and Answers Description


CONTROLLING YOUR TIME ON THE ESSAYS. Whether the bar essays in your jurisdiction are 10 minutes long or 60 minutes long, to do well on the bar exam essays, you have to finish every essay within the time allowed. There is rarely such a thing as not finishing an essay and still getting a good grade. The bar exam is not undergraduate school.

Mastering the essay component is critical to bar success

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We are so confident that you will immediately recognize the benefit of the tutoring to your California Baby Bar Exam essay writing ability and preparation, that we will discount a subsequent purchase of one of our programs (Ultimate, Paced, or Fundamentals) by the value of this trial version.

Essay Writing: recognizes that issue spotting and organization are the two most important skills needed to write passing answers to bar exam essay questions. This program emphasizes analysis over boilerplate. applies the same techniques to the “practical essay” section of the bar exam.Bar Preparation Resources:

Below is a list of commercial bar preparation books and study aids that you may find helpful. The list is not exhaustive and we do not endorse any of the items.

Acing the Bar Exam (2008)

Bar Breaker (2008)

Bar Cards - flash cards (2008)

The Bar Exam in a Nutshell (2009)

The Bar Exam Survival Guide: An Insider's Handbook for Passing the Bar Exam (2008)

Bar Exam Survival Kit (2008)

The Best Test Preparation and Review Course for Patent Bar Exam (2000)

Conquering the Bar Exam: Personal Stories and Practical Advice for Overcoming the Final Hurdle to Becoming a Full-Fledged Licensed Lawyer (2007)

The Essential Rules for Bar Exam Success (2008)

Finals Essay Exam Workbook: Core Concepts and Key Questions (2009)

Formula for Success: The Psychological and Informational Handbook for Passing the Bar Examination (1999)

If I Don't Pass the Bar I'll Die: 73 Ways to Keep Stress and Worry from Affecting Your Performance on the Bar Exam (2008)

Mastering the Multistate Bar Exam: Test-taking Strategies for Scoring High on the Multistate Bar Exam (2007)

MBE Refresher Course (2008)

MBE Review Flashcards (2009)

MBE Survival Kit (2005)

Multistate Bar Exam (2010)

Multistate Performance Test: Core Concepts and Key Questions (2009)

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam: Core Concepts and Key Questions (2009)

Nailing the Bar: How to Write Performance Tests for Bar Exams (based on the California bar exam): What to Say and How to Say It (2009)

New Jersey Bar Examination Essay Questions and Answers (July 1984/July 1986 - Feb. 2009)

Pass the Bar! (2006)

Rigos Multistate Two Volume Set (Rigos Bar Review) by James J. Rigos (2010)

Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays (2006)

Strategies & Tactics for the Finz Multistate Method (2010)

Strategies & Tactics for the MBE (2006)

Uniform Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) Review, Second Edition (Rigos Bar Review Series 2010)

Pieper Bar Review (New York Appellate Alert Book, 2008-2009) by Troy, and Damian Pieper John