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If you have to write Ancient Greece essay, the first task you should accomplish is to decide on the area of your research. What area can you choose for consideration in your Ancient Greece essay? You can choose art & architecture, Olympics, history, geography, mythology, the great people of Greece, culture or wars.

This article will help you in case you have decided to write your Ancient Greece essays on the history of Greece. So, let us dwell upon the possible ideas to be included into the main parts of your Ancient Greece essays:

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About 4000 years ago, the original Greeks came from central Europe and settled on the Greek peninsula. In about 1600 BC a great Greek civilization rose up. It was called the Mycenaean. Many of the Mycenaean rulers lived in grand palaces with wall paintings like the ones of earlier times discovered on the Aegean island of Crete. The lords of Mycenae were buried with gold masks that looked like themselves. They also buried some of the personal possessions with them, such as cups, rings, and dagger blades that showed scenes of war and hunting. The Mycenaens honored the strength and courage of lions, and two stone lions still proudly remain above the magnificent gateway of Mycenae.

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