An example of an autobiographical essay/personal narrative

When you are trying to write an essay it is sometimes very beneficial to have an example to work off of. Whether you are writing to gain admission into a college or you are just trying to finish a homework assignment from a tough professor, it can help you out to look at an example of an essay.

An example of an essay with correct structure and sound analysis of the argument:

Most students learn best from looking at examples and practicing. If you can find an example of an essay that you really like, you can use the example as an outline for your actual essay. Even if you can only find a part of a college admission essay, then you should simply use what you can find. If you are going to use a sample, the best thing to do is sit down with it next to the essay you are writing and create your own essay, going line by line through the original essay. This way, you will have the same structure, but with your own content. If you do decide to use the essay as a template, be sure that you do not copy any of the essay at all or you run the risk of being accused to plagiarism.

An example of an essay in 'MLA Note Style' by sol61731

an example of an essay writing

The writer's purpose in most exposition is either to persuade or to inform a particular audience. The writer attempts to persuade the audience to accept a point of view:

While slavery was certainly one cause of the Civil War, the major cause was economic rivalry between North and South.

or presents information to the audience:

I will show the effect of the size, flow, temperature and turbidity of the stream on the distribution of mayflower nymphs (ephemeroptera).

Both purposes are best fulfilled in writing that moves logically from point to point so that each paragraph extends, refines, qualifies, or builds upon the previous one.

Note also that both thesis statements suggest the essay's organization. The paper on the causes of the Civil War will deal first with slavery, eliminating it as the primary cause, then move to economic rivalry as the real explanation. In telling us about the effect of the stream on the distribution of ephemeroptera, the budding biologist will deal first with he stream's size, then its flow, temperature and turbidity.

Below is an example of an essay judged "competent" (and placed at Level 4) by members of the Hartwick College English Department. The writer, an incoming first-year student taking the placement examination, composed the essay in 50 minutes in response to this assignment, which was adapted from a writing assignment in A.M. Tibbets and Charles Tibbets, Strategies of Rhetoric with Handbook, 3rd ed. (Glenview, Ill.:Scott, Foresman, 1979), p.88:

Below are pairs of related words. Select one pair and write an essay defining the likenesses and/or differences between the meanings of the two. Be sure that you come to a conclusion about the chief difference between the two terms.