In summary, here are some keys to succeeding on the new ACT essay.

That's basically it. If anyone else who has gotten a perfect score on the ACT Essay also wants to chime in and give some help to others, please post a reply with your tip or piece of advice and I will do my best to incorporate your ideas into this first post in the thread.

3. a 12:57 minute video produced by Kaplan that addresses both the SAT vs. the ACT essays

How do you anticipate that the inconsistencies in grading of the new ACT essays along with the return of the SAT essay now being optional will affect admissions for the class of 2017? Are some schools likely to no longer require the essay portions or if they do, will they count less in admission decisions than they have in the past? My son was one of the Sept. 2015 ACT takers who had a 34 composite (33-35 range on all sections) yet only a 20 on his essay. So far he has been advised to be happy with his high composite score and not consider retaking the ACT just to try and raise his essay score.

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The ACT essay prompt generally concerns a social issue relevant to high school students. For example: should dress codes be required in public schools? Your response must be a well-structured argument supporting a definite point of view.

Ah, Chef, it is time to reveal the Secret Ingredient in this writing challenge: the prompt. The ACT essay prompt is supposed to be "high school specific." That’s test-speak for “the prompt will give you a debated topic that is typically geared toward, or concerned with, people your age.” You will have to pick a side and argue your point thoroughly and with plenty of supporting examples.In terms of the essay, I just did many of the McGraw Hill prompts as well as the ones on the released exam. I am going to see if I can scan in one of my practice essays into the computer and annotate it to show everyone what is needed.